The career sweet-spot

So we’ve discovered that employees don’t care about HR processes – they care about their own careers and how those processes help or hinder them.  They want to find their own career sweet-spot.

Where is the career sweet-spot?

That career sweet-spot (according to Bullshitelemination) is at the intersection of what they love doing, what they are good at, what the world needs and what they can be paid for.


Career sweet-spot – or the purpose-driven career Credit: Bullshitelemination



Business and employee needs intersect at the career sweet-spot

This is how business needs and employee needs come together.  Roles are created because there is a need of some kind, that employees choose to be paid to fulfil.  (Of course, they may sometimes do this out of charity, but we all need to live, and to live, we need at least some money).

Career sweet-spot conversations

So each time an employee faces a chosen or enforced change, figuring out how that will impact on their career sweet-spot is important for the fulfilment of their purpose.  We can support them in that through conversations that help them to figure out what they love, what they are good at, what the world needs and what they can get paid for.  That conversation can be with their manager, if they have a trust-based relationship; or with an internal or external coach who has no vested interest in the employee’s choices.

Evolving career sweet-spot

This sweet-spot might change over a person’s career, as they get clearer about what they love and dislike, and as they develop new strengths.  What the world needs changes over time too, along with what organisations are willing to pay for.  So this is not a once and done conversation, but a continuous evolution.