“The future is different…”

We’ve been lucky enough to work with some extremely talented people over the years.

Here’s what some of them say:


“You are one kind of a sunbeam! You will be missed around here for all your creativity, positive attitude, and dedication towards our people. Please keep the positive spirit that is so contagious going” Anne, Senior Manager


“To say that you’ve impacted my life is probably one of the biggest understatements. You’ve become the guide against how I measure what I do, how I do it, the push I give myself to give back more, and the coaching mentality that I have developed. Without these insights, while I know I would have had some level of success, I do not think it would have been to this degree.” Michelle, Senior Manager


“You leave an incredible legacy at this organisation that will live on.” – Shelby Kan, Senior Manager


“I will always remember you as the “courageous voice for humanity”.  You inspired countless [employees] to think differently about what we and our company can be, and indeed changed us for the better.” – Jason Miller, Senior Manager


“You have been the pioneer in the space of people development and coaching.” – Matt Wexler, Manager


“Look up people developer and you will see Clare’s picture.” – Bob Gerard, Senior Manager


testimonials-culture“Coaching has allowed me to address things that I would normally have moved away from.”


“As a result of coaching, the future is different because I now spend more time thinking about issues more strategically.”


“As a transition coach, Clare made a great difference to my own personal development. She actively listened, championed, encouraged, challenged, questioned, celebrated me along my path to becoming a PCC coach, and also to being promoted into a leadership role at Accenture. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clare to you and your organisation on an individual level and as a professional coach. You will not regret working with Clare; you’ll wonder how you managed before.”  – Diana Barea, Managing Director, Accenture.

testimonials-coaching“I was Chief Operating Officer of an international NGO which was going through fast growth and significant change, both for the organisation as for my own role . Through my monthly conversations with Clare I was challenged and questioned on my leadership style and methods as well as on my short, medium and long term career ambitions. Clare’s coaching helped me to identify my leadership development areas and how to address them. Also, through role-plays we practised and developed my responses to individual leadership situations in a safe environment. Through our conversations I also got a much clearer view on my career ambitions and perspectives. I can highly recommend Clare’s personal, friendly, open but still challenging coaching style which has helped me a lot.  If anyone questions the value of Clare’s coaching, please contact me.”
– Maarten Rooney, COO, Youth Business International


testimonials-career“The coaching conversations have enabled me to be more objective, systematic and thorough in my decision-making.”


“I entered coaching at a point of discouragement in my career and personal life.  My health was spiralling downward.  Clare’s compassion and professionalism in the coaching process helped me to realise that in my 24×7 life of business and activity, I was completely out of touch with my personal needs and goals.  She helped me to develop personal awareness and take action needed to bring greater degrees of balance and purpose to my life.  I wish that I could say that my journey of change was comfortable.  It wasn’t.  But it was beneficial.”


testimonials-legacy“Clare and I went for a long walk in the woods during one of our monthly coaching sessions. Having a coaching session in the outdoors (especially in the woods) allowed me to think more freely than I did in face to face or phone conversations. I was looking at the trees and surroundings while thinking and answering Clare’s questions, which gave me a bigger sense of freedom of letting my thoughts flow.”


“One of the most important benefits of my coaching was that Clare uncovered and challenged previously held beliefs that I didn’t realise I had.”


“You have left a legacy and it is coming to life.” Maria Pueyrredon, Senior Manager


testimonials-change“Before working with Clare, I was a bit lost, not knowing where I wanted to go with my business and my role within it; and not using my brain sufficiently.  I felt like I needed to create new habits to get organised, and think ahead.  I also wanted to have different relationships with my staff.  The major impact of coaching is reduced stress levels.  I am happier and feel more comfortable putting work down.  I am more focused when I am at my desk.  I am better able to let go of things I cannot control and focus on those I can.  We’ve landed three major projects during this period, which will sustain the business for the next 12 months. If I were to name the most significant improvements in my work and life as a result of the coaching, I would say improved introspection, setting aside more time to think; refocusing the business around emerging products; and a better focus from a team with new blood.”  – Guy Giles, Managing Director, Looking Local 


testimonials-transition‘’Before Clare became my coach earlier this year I was in a position in which I had become ‘comfortable’ – and by this I mean not extending myself and not valuing myself or my contribution in both my personal and professional life.  My confidence was low and to some extent I felt undervalued.   Clare has helped me to identify and overcome obstacles that have held me back and has given me the building blocks to learn  how to make the most of my skills and attributes. I now feel more confident and able to take actions that yield positive results. Clare asked probing questions to make me consider new ways of looking at my working relationships, put together strategies to achieve goals and identify how things could be improved.   This has resulted in a greater clarity for me and has been invaluable to create new ways of working in a team environment. I feel that my strengths are being used more on a day to day basis and consequently I am able to perform more effectively.” – Shirley Cairns, Looking Local


testimonials-coaching“Before signing up for coaching with Clare, I had changed jobs and realised it was not the right job for me. I lacked clarity regarding the next step and I was distraught by my inability to focus which was affecting performance at work and relationships generally. I knew that addressing the underlying thought patterns was very important to me. With Clare’s help and carefully placed questions, I was able to gain a better understanding of what kind of job would suit me and the use of available contacts and resources to pursue possible career changes. With each session, I learnt to be more patient with regard to finding fulfilling work. Part of this involved exploring the issue of self-hatred. It was important for me to learn to tame the gremlin within and see my self-worth as fixed rather than fluctuating and variable. I also learnt about creating space and structure for myself and ways to develop healthier approaches or responses to difficult situations.” –  Helena Courtois, Support Worker (with local authority)


“I learnt a lot in you supervision session and like your enabling style, to make the most of the group and to cover so much ground in such a short space of time and model the supervision so well”.

“This was my first experience of supervision and I wish I had invested in it much earlier in my coaching career.  Supervision is not a cost, it is a gift to yourself, both as a professional coach and as a person.  Clare is an expert in holding the space, facilitating the process and growing you as a coach.”

“I have found Clare to be professional, knowledgeable and enabling.  I trust her.  What I really value is her openness to feedback and her role-modelling growth and growing as a coach/supervisor herself.  This is courageous and enabling.”