Supervision: Seeing Beyond the Blindspots 1

In this International Coaching Week, Michelle Lucas, Danielle Brooks and I would like to provoke a discussion about coaching supervision; in particular why some coaches don’t feel the need for it. We’ve written a 3 minute storybook about Helen.

Helen is a good coach. Read her story (simply click on the picture below) to find out what happened when she gave supervision a chance.

What’s your reaction to Helen’s story? We’d love to get a dialogue going in Linked In, especially with coaches who don’t have supervision. What are your beliefs about coaching supervision? What’s stopping you from investing?

Here’s what coaches have said who do invest in supervision. Stay Sharp, Stay Safe.

One thought on “Supervision: Seeing Beyond the Blindspots

  • Paul Laughlin

    Completely agree about the benefit of supervision. Having coached both with & without it – the difference has been signficant. I’d also echo the point in the story that it does not feel like policing, more like a partnership or joint exploration (where both parties learn).

    That said, I would also caution taking time to choose a suitable supervisor. Just like clients are rightly encouraged to consider coaching qualifications & membership of professional bodies, as well as experience & references, when choosing a coach. In the same way, I would recommend choosing a supervisor who has invested in their own development & accountability as a qualified supervisor.

    It can be an enjoyable & even therapeutic journey (even if we’re not meant to ‘go there’ as coaches).

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