Mentor Coaching

100% of the participants who have attended the ICF accreditation lock-in and subsequently submitted their application have gained their ICF accreditation.

Besides which, they learn and grow as coaches in ways that they had not expected.  Mentor coaching shines a light on their blind-spots and takes them to their edge; it really makes a difference to their confidence and competence.

They leave the lock-in, knowing exactly what they have left to do to submit their application, which usually is not much as they complete so much of their paperwork and mentor coaching during the weekend.

Internal Coaching pool wanting to professionalise their service

A small group of internal coaches at a University wanted to become accredited to enhance their credibility with their clients and with other stakeholders at the University.  They had received training some two years previously with another organisation, and now wanted external validation of their skills.

What we did

·       We started with mentor coaching for five coaches.  We met over four months as a group, for a total of 10 hours, so that they could practice coaching with feedback against the International Coach Federation competencies; and to brief them about the additional credentialing requirements.  During this time, they sharpened their coaching edge and became more aware of their development areas.

·       They also received three hours each of 1-1 mentor coaching, listening to recordings of coaching with their students and reflecting on their alignment with the ICF competencies

·       We identified that they needed additional hours of training to meet the credentialing requirements, so designed and delivered 2 days of coach-specific training tailored to the needs that had been identified in the mentor coaching.  This training sharpened their edge even further, such that they were exceeding the credentialing criteria

·       We continued to work together in coaching supervision, to keep them and their clients safe; and to enable them to identify how to collectively change the system to get greater results for those they were coaching


·       They got their accreditation

·       They changed the way their roles were shaped, and their fit within the wider system, to give a better service to their clients


“The work we have done together has allowed me to boost my confidence as a coach by adding to my skillset in a way that pushed me out of my comfort zone, but didn’t compromise my authenticity.  I feel that my clients have seen the benefits of a more creative, brave and self-assured coach and my feedback and retention rates have noticeably improved.  In terms of our service, this has allowed us to work together as a team to professionalise our offering with renewed energy and motivation”

“Clare allowed me to see there are many ways to be a good coach in service of my clients.  Not to bring all parts of me to the coaching would be a disservice and, thanks to Clare’s empowering voice and incredible facilitation skills, I was able to take on extra step on my journey”

“I appreciated my work with Clare as it has enhanced my confidence in my abilities as a coach.  She found creative ways for us to explore our areas of strengths and need for development.  She ensured we kept our learning aligned with the ICF competencies and Code of Ethics.  She gave us space to create awareness and insight, and always challenged us to be brave in our work”

“I believe that my training with Clare moved me from being a good coach to an excellent coach, with the professional skills and competencies necessary to make change.  I always leave her training inspired and eager to develop and grow, as a professional and a person”

Here’s what two lock-in participants say: