Building a Coaching Culture

Building a coaching culture is something I have personal experience of, from my time inside and outside of organisations.  It takes a real commitment at all levels of business to make this type of cultural change work, but the results are remarkable.  We know that:

“Employees with ‘conversation gaps’ on career topics are 280% more likely to say they intend leave a company.” Career Innovation

“Managers’ Inability to Coach Is the Most Severe Performance Management Challenge” Bersin & Associates

“Coaching has a 2x greater impact on business results (productivity, engagement, etc.) vs. paying for performance.” Bersin & Associates

“Training alone gives 20% change in behaviour, while training plus coaching leads to an 88% change in behaviour.” Olivero and Bane

With that in mind, take a read of this case study:


The old command and control approach had suppressed independent critical thinking of employees; and ceased to engage hearts and minds.

Vision: “Executive coaching and a coach-approach to leadership transform the company’s growth, by developing the world’s best talent for our clients, ourselves, and each other”

What we did

  • Provided executive coaching, coaching supervision and action learning to all levels, including Managing Directors. Raised engagement and performance levels; lowered attrition levels.
  • Set up and provided thought leadership and development for coaching community of practice.
  • Wrote a blog for people developers, majoring in coaching, with 11,000+ followers. The 30 Day Challenge, propagated through the blog, won the Unlimited Human Potential M-Prize for innovation in management development.
  • Designed and facilitated the Individualised Leadership Program (using action learning), which won Brandon Hall Excellence Award, Best in Coaching and Mentoring.
  • Provided subject matter expertise for manager as coach training.
  • Designed and delivered a coaching programme for HR (course, followed by action learning).
  • Formulated the business case to create an internal coaching function to provide coaching across the organisation.


  • Business results aligned with the growth strategy, including increased sales and cost reductions
  • Retention of engaged and productive high performers, leading the organisation into the future
  • Reduced cost of coaching
  • Increase in promotion ready candidates
  • An understanding of the obstacles in the system that get in high performers’ way, that needed to be addressed at the organisational level
  • A ripple effect, leading to a coaching culture that engages people to perform at their best
  • Deeper trusted personal networks across the organisation for people to call on; and people’s performance is connected to the quality of relationships
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction.


“You leave an incredible legacy at this organisation that will live on.” Shelby Kan, Senior Manager, Accenture

“I will always remember you as the “courageous voice for humanity”.  You inspired countless [employees] to think differently about what we and our company can be, and indeed changed us for the better.” – Jason Miller, Senior Manager, Accenture (now Ohio Health).

If you would like to know more about building a coaching culture then please do contact me;

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