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Working with business leaders and coaches to grow rather than being knocked for six


Clare Norman Coaching Associates work with individuals, teams and organisations to embed new behaviours in the workplace. We also work with internal and external coaches to enable them to stay sharp and stay safe.  Our coaching services include:

  • helping passionate people to live their best story in times of change and in times of stability
  • enabling business leaders with space and clarity to think objectively about goals and the direction of the business
  • developing companies to support the necessary human transitions required for change programmes to be successful
  • assisting companies to set up and manage executive coaching programmes, as part of a culture change
  • supervising and mentor coaching internal and external coaches to stay sharp and stay safe.

Much of our work is virtual and we also have the great fortune of being able to offer walking coaching in the beautiful New Forest.

Transition coaching


As individuals take on new roles, expanded scope, or positive or negative change, they need support to manage the emotional turmoil of change.  As women return to the workplace, they too need support to manage new ways of working.

“The coaching conversations have enabled me to be more objective, systematic and thorough in my decision-making. As a result of coaching, the future is different because I now spend more time thinking about issues more strategically.”

Leadership coaching


We coach people on being an authentic leader, leading others 1-1 and leading teams, as well as managing upwards. We believe that developing people leads to greater business results, and we challenge our clients to invest more time in their people in service of business outcomes. Clare has deep experience of leading in a virtual environment, which enables her to support and challenge others in the same position.

“I will always remember you as the “courageous voice for humanity”.  You inspired countless [employees] to think differently about what we and our company can be, and indeed changed us for the better.” Jason Miller, Senior Manager

Team coaching


Rarely does an individual operate in isolation.  Team Coaching looks at what is happening between the individuals, and with other stakeholders, to ensure that the team steps up to the needs of tomorrow’s world.

When I started leading a new team, Clare helped me design and implement a team norming process. Many of my team members were very experienced and may have had concerns with a new person coming in to the lead them. Clare worked with me on a weekly basis to coach the team and to coach me on how I ran the team. Clare’s approach directly contributed to my ability to get the team focused in the same direction and supporting each other. She helped me uncover some of my blind spots, enabling me to effectively lead the team.” Carolyn Henning, Senior Manager, Accenture

Action learning


With support from a facilitator, participants choose a goal, and then learn from each stage of the learning cycle: reflecting, planning for action, taking action, repeat. Participants learn to coach and give feedback, which are skills they can utilise in their daily work. We can facilitate action learning sets, teach others to facilitate action learning sets and supervise those who facilitate action learning sets. Find out more…

“Really worthwhile, a rich learning experience.”

“My experience with the [Action Learning] programme really helped to boost my confidence in a way that couldn’t be achieved in training.”

Coaching Consultancy

creating-coaching-cultureWe offer bespoke coaching consultancy to organisations striving to create a coaching culture.

The outcomes of a well-managed executive coaching programme include:

  • Business results aligned with the company’s strategy
  • Retention of engaged and productive high performers, leading the organisation into the future
  • Increase in promotion ready candidates
  • Reduced cost of coaching, due to economies of scale
  • Higher quality of coaching, as coaches undergo a rigorous vetting process, relationship management and coaching supervision
  • An understanding of the obstacles in the system that get in high performers’ way, that need to be addressed at the organizational level
  • A ripple effect, leading to a coaching culture that engages people to perform at their best. As leaders start to coach, they experience a reversal of power stress (Boyatzis)

“You leave an incredible legacy at this organisation that will live on.” Shelby Kan, Senior Manager, Accenture

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Supervision and mentoring for coaches and consultants


Our portfolio includes mentor coaching and supervisionCoach Mentoring supports coaches to gain accreditation with the International Coach Federation (ICF).  We also supervise coaches, and HR/L&D/OD interims and consultants to stay safe and sharpen their own edge in service of their clients.   Having worked as internal coaches ourselves, our team is intimately familiar with the ethical dilemmas facing internal coaches.

“I am eternally grateful for the coach supervision Clare has provided me over the years. I know that because of my relationship with Clare, I am both a better coach and a better person.” Matt Wexler, Manager, Accenture

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