Our Approach

Simple, non-directive, client-centred and encouraging

Our approach to coaching is simple, non-directive, client-centred, encouraging clients to work and think in an adult way with themselves and towards others. We help people to look at things from different perspectives and explore options creatively.


Flexible coaching, tailored to your needs

We offer bespoke, tailored coaching to organisations and businesses of all sizes, as well as individuals.


We contract for results with our clients and their organisation, and hold clients accountable for their actions. Couple that with use of intuition to say what we see, and you get a transformative blend.


We work in all business environments. Most of our coaching is virtual by telephone (counter-intuitively very powerful) and we also offer walking coaching in the beautiful New Forest.


Contact us to talk more about our approach to coaching and how it might meet your needs.


Coaching in a nutshell

Coaching provides the space and time for you to think about your goals and the direction of your business, to reflect on areas in which you may feel ‘stuck’. It enables you to explore your beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and feelings about challenges and come up with resourceful and clear solutions. It is like stepping into a helicopter and flying above the business to view it objectively to plan with confidence and clarity.


Our powerful and searching questions help you dig deep to find your own vision, wisdom, answers and plans. As a result you will find the coaching sessions exciting, challenging and enlightening.


Our professionally accredited team offer bespoke, tailored coaching in all business environments.


If you are wondering what coaching actually looks like in practice, watch this real, virtual 30 minute coaching session.