The leader experience and the leadership pipeline

All leaders need coaching and feedback, no matter what their level in the leadership pipeline.  They may need other things along their journey too, to ensure that they have the best leader experience from the first time they take on a leadership role to the end of their leadership careers.

In the Leadership Pipeline, by Charan, Drotter, Noel, the authors explain the different skills, values and time allocation needed when we move from individual contributor to supervisor of others, to supervisor of supervisors to functional manager.  See the visuals below:

Leadership pipeline

For people to be able to jettison old skills, apply new skills and change their value sets and the way they spend their time, they need an experience that supports and challenges them to do so.  That won’t be a one-size fits all, but it’s certainly more than making an assumption that just because someone was good at the job they did before, they should be able to pick up the new skills naturally.  They may need training, they may need mentoring, they may need coaching; they will certainly need feedback from all directions.  It’s time that organisations got better at creating a leadership pipeline learning and growth experience that really makes a difference to the way people lead and are led.

What are your experiences?