Leader as Coach: Planning and Goal-setting

planning and goal-settingYour coachee has come up with various options of what they could do to resolve their issue.  Now it’s time to pin those down with planning and goal-setting.  Which of the options are they going to choose to take forward, when will they do it/them, who might they need to ask for help or resources?

They only need as much pinning down as they need.  For some people, they know already exactly what it will entail and they are eager to get on.  For others, they may need to get more concrete and specific.

You can often tell how committed they are by their tone of voice.  Pick up on that and ask them to rate how committed they are on a scale of 1-10, or how motivated.  Do they want to be further up that scale?  If so, what do they need to help them move from a 5 to a 6 for example.  It may be that there is some more thinking to be done before they are ready to commit.  That might be here in the coaching, or it may be outside of the session.

It isn’t your job to force them to plan and goal-set, but a gentle challenge wouldn’t go amiss here.  You certainly aren’t telling them what they should be doing.  This is their choice, as always.  You may offer them a stretch, but it is just that, an offer.  They can say yes, no or propose a counter-offer.

So in the spirit of planning and goal-setting, what are you planning as your actions from reading this blog?  Answers in the comments box please.



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