Join the new ICF Coaching Circle Southampton

The ICF Coaching Circle Southampton ICF Coaching Circlemet for the first time on 15/5/17 to mark International Coaching Week, and we developed the terms of reference below.  If this sounds like the kind of learning and networking opportunity that you are looking for, please join the group:

on Monday 26th June

at 6pm-7.30pm

at the Sir John Barleycorn

on Southampton Road, Cadnam.

Please RSVP at EventBrite.

Join the Linked In group, ICF Southampton Coaching Circle, to see notifications of future dates and to keep in touch with the other group members.


Terms of reference:

This group is open to any trained coaches, who are members of the ICF.

We will generally meet on the last Monday of each month, starting 26th June. 6pm-7.30pm at the Sir John Barleycorn in Cadnam. No meetings in August or December.

The meeting is free, unless we need to pay for speakers’ expenses, which will be split across the group that attends that evening. Attendees pay for their own drinks.

We will structure the meetings as follows:

  • Month 1: Triad work with feedback against the ICF competencies. Everyone gets the chance to coach and be coached.
  • Month 2: Action learning – many to one coaching. Two people bring a case for coaching/supervision from the group.
  • Month 3: Discuss ideas for business building
  • Month 4: Speaker
  • Repeat.

We will review the format to ensure that it keeps its energy.


  • Confidentiality – what is said in the room stays in the room, unless it is our own learning
  • Competition – we will not use anything we hear in the room to compete with each other
  • Safety – we will think about how we phrase things so as to be kind to each other; respecting each other and being supportive.
  • We aim to have fun
  • We commit to listening to each other
  • As appropriate, and as we get to know each others’ styles and niches, we will refer clients to each other.

Clare Norman, PCC, will host the group.