Group Coaching Supervision – A Case Study

supervisionThe ICF describes Coaching Supervision as;

“the interaction that occurs when a coach periodically brings his or her coaching work experiences to a coaching supervisor in order to engage in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefit of the coach and his or her clients.”

I’ve been working with a group of coaches in a supervision capacity for a few months, and we’ve had some wonderfully touching highs and lows, where they have each brought their most vulnerable coaching moments to shine the light on their own capacity as coaches.

It’s been a privilege for me to hold the space for them to do their best thinking about how to grow through these experiences, and they kindly agreed to create this case study with me, about how coaching supervision had helped them.

Issues brought to coaching supervision

·      Organisational contracting and the complexities involved

·      Coach/client boundaries, conflicts of interest, changing relationships

·      Coach well-being: Staying safe, managing overwhelm, self-care, resourcefulness, authenticity and ethics

·      Adult to adult relationships and professional behaviour

What we did together in the coaching supervision

·      Created a safe space through contracting and openness to allow for vulnerability, and to challenge and be challenged

·      Shared the time and gave each other the time to think and talk in a structured way

·      Used a variety of tools, materials and approaches, which could equally be used in coaching

·      Heard each other as human beings

·      Accepted and valued the differences in the group

·      Modelled professional behaviour

Coach outcomes post-supervision

·      Owning their individual coaching philosophies and approach

·      Confident, coherent, congruent in the way they coach

·      Learned to trust themselves, reducing performance anxiety

·      Getting clarity on specific cases, and taking action to shift the client

·      Leaving each time feeling resourced and lighter

Coach Testimonials

“This was my first experience of supervision and I wish I had invested in it much earlier in my coaching career.  Supervision is not a cost, it is a gift to yourself, both as a professional coach and as a person.  Clare is an expert in holding the space, facilitating the process and growing you as a coach.”

“I have found Clare to be professional, knowledgeable and enabling.  I trust her.  What I really value is her openness to feedback and her role-modelling growth and growing as a coach/supervisor herself.  This is courageous and enabling.”

If you’d like to see beyond your blind-spots, I will be starting a virtual supervision group in the Autumn.  I also have a waiting list for a new face-to-face group, so give me a call on 07775 817 344 if you would like to:

  • stay safe, ethically
  • reflect on your relationship with a client(s)
  • restore your own energy
  • look at patterns of behaviour (yours and theirs)
  • and get the kinds of outcomes you see above

Or please email for more details: