Ethical Dilemmas for the Leader as Coach

ethical dilemmaWe’ve talked about the skills we need as a leader as coach, and the underpinning beliefs, but what about our ethical dilemmas.  What about our ethical position?

Every coach is guided by an ethical code, I am guided by the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics, for example.

Ethical dilemmas don’t always have black and white answer. In this series, we’ll pay them some attention and ask some questions that might help us to make the best decision for the situation. Knowing that the quality and depth of the relationship will play a big part in how we move forward.

For leaders as coaches, there are several ethical dilemmas to pay attention to:

  1. Boundaries – when to coach, when not to coach
  2. Dual relationships – for example, ring-fencing coaching from performance management, whilst still being able to use a coach approach to performance management conversations
  3. Confidentiality – keeping their stuff between the two of you
  4. Conflicts of interest – your duty of care towards them vs your obligations to the wider organisation

What are your experiences of ethical dilemmas as a leader coach?  I’d love to hear your questions and comments.