Ethical Dilemmas for Leaders As Coach: Supervision

Ethical dilemmas are just one of the things you might bring to coaching supervision.

supervisionWe’ve explored just some of the ethical dilemmas that you might face as a leader as coach.  Other things might come into play that we haven’t discussed; keep an eye out for those as you are coaching.

Something just doesn’t feel right; or you are doubting your own efficacy; or you feel drained.


When is the right time to call on a Coach Supervisor?

Don’t just blast through and hope for the best.  Give these issues some thinking time to figure out how you might address them. And if you feel in any doubt, or have a hard time finding the time to self-supervise, that’s the time to call on a coach supervisor, who can give you the space to process what is going on, how you might be getting in the way, and what you might do differently to get different results.

In supervision, the coach is invited to focus on what is going on in their own process, and where the personal may be intruding on the professional.

In addition, you can use a Coach Supervisor to:

  • restore your energy for coaching and working with people more generally
  • develop your coaching competencies, through observation of your coaching and feedback
  • reflect on your relationship with your coachees
  • look at patterns of behaviour (yours and theirs) that enhance or limit progress

Supervision is all about enhancing your capacity to be at your best.  Use it well, use it often.  Read this 2 minute animated story about Helen and her discovery of coach supervision.

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