Creating a Coaching Culture

Creating A Coaching Culture
Creating a Coaching Culture requires the same kind of rigour as any other culture change.  That includes articulating your end-point and how you will recognise success when you see it, then pulling a multitude of levers to enable you to get from where you are today to that end goal.  Those levers include technology, process and roles; people and quality.

Creating a Coaching Culture blueprint

We’ve explored each of these and designed a blueprint for creating a coaching culture.  That blueprint will vary by organisation, but at a macro level, the levers are the same.

You can read about all of the facets of the coaching culture blueprint by revisiting the blog posts of the past couple of months in Creating a Coaching Culture .


Why create a coaching culture?

We don’t work towards a coaching culture for its own sake, but for what it enables us to achieve as a business.  Moving from a command and control environment to one where people are encouraged to become independent, critical thinkers will lead to bottom line results – both through engagement of your people in meaningful work, and higher productivity.

“Coaching has a 2x greater impact on business results (productivity, engagement, etc.) vs. paying for performance.”  Bersin & Associates

  • One study asked coachees for a conservative estimate of the financial benefits gained from coaching. Average response was a gain of $100,000, with 28% indicating over $500,000. Lore Research
  • Several ROI studies (Manchester, MetrixGlobal, DDI/AstraZeneca, Triad Performance) across coaching programmes in several companies show returns of 5-6 times cost as a result of increased capability, teaming and performance.
  • Executive coaching is more highly rated as a form of senior leadership development than business school programmes by a significant margin. Ridler Report

“Training alone gives 20% change in behaviour, while training plus coaching leads to an 88% change in behaviour.” Olivero and Bane

With that in mind, how will you create a coaching culture in your organisation?