Coaching to Support the Employee Experience


We’ve concluded our series about how coaching can (and should?) support the employee experience.  For those of you who wish to catch up on posts that you have missed, or if you like to have everything all in one place like I do, here is the full catalogue.

The key messages about coaching to support the employee experience

Every time an employee goes through a change, they need to make an internal transition too – getting closure on the old way of being, working through the uncertainties, and then making a great new beginning.  Offering coaching to support this transition work can enable them to learn and grow from the experience in ways that they might not do alone, becoming more engaged and productive in the new role, organisation or life stage.  It’s a win/win for the individual and the organisation.  Coaching comes in many forms – manager as coach, internal coach, external coach – and the client should decide with whom they can be most transparent and honest, and therefore get most value.

The catalogue – coaching to support the employee experience

What’s your view on the importance of coaching to the employee experience?

How does your organisation support you in these times of change and transition?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments.