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So far, we’ve looked at one-to-ones and feedback that uses a coach-approach.  Let’s move on to team meetings. As always, contracting is really important, to ensure that everyone know what they are there for.  What’s the purpose of the meeting, what are the desired outcomes and what will success look […]

Leader as Coach: When to use a Coach ...

corridor conversations
Coaching, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t need to be a one hour conversation hidden behind closed doors away from the work, it can be short and sweet too, ‘corridor conversations’. Tweet This! Afterall, as Teresa Amabile says, any progress is good progress.         Here are three scenarios. […]

Leader as Coach: When to use a Coach ...

Within your one-to-ones, and as you see things that merit it, you will want to give frequent feedback to keep your employee motivated and on-track. Creating and delivering a specific message based on observed performance is vital to effective feedback.  You may have told a fellow manager, a co-worker or […]

Leader as Coach: When to use a Coach ...

Coach Approach
When to use a Coach Approach  – Overview Previously, you’ve read here that it’s more difficult for a leader to coach his or her team members directly, due to the conflict of interest that you have: you want them to perform well in this role, where they may want to […]

Leader as Coach: When to use a Coach ...

coaching supervision
The ICF describes Coaching Supervision as; “the interaction that occurs when a coach periodically brings his or her coaching work experiences to a coaching supervisor in order to engage in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefit of the coach and his or her clients.” I’ve been […]

Group Coaching Supervision – A Case Study

Ethical dilemmas are just one of the things you might bring to coaching supervision. We’ve explored just some of the ethical dilemmas that you might face as a leader as coach.  Other things might come into play that we haven’t discussed; keep an eye out for those as you are […]

Ethical Dilemmas for Leaders As Coach: Supervision

International Coaching Federation
Last year in International Coaching Week, I co-created this wonderful animated story about Helen’s journey towards supervision. This year, I am talking at the International Coach Federation UK conference about when to use coach mentoring and when to use supervision. International Coaching Week provides a great opportunity to experience coaching […]

International Coaching Week 2018

conflicts of interest
We’ve discovered that leaders as coaches face ethical dilemmas around boundaries, dual relationships, and confidentiality; let’s turn our attention now to conflicts of interest. What do you do when the talented person you are coaching in your organisation tells you that she is looking to take her career outside the […]

Ethical Dilemmas for Leaders as Coach: Conflicts of ...

As a Leader as Coach, you are becoming aware of ethical dilemmas facing you. We’ll turn our attention today to confidentiality. You know that you are bound to keep anything that happens in coaching confidential, between you and the other person.  It is up to them who and what they […]

Ethical Dilemmas for Leaders as Coach: Confidentiality