Transition Coaching for Individual Growth

our-outcomesPeople come to us to make high impact transitions from one company to another, from one role to another, and in stepping up to more senior leadership levels – or any other change they are making.


They figure out what to leave behind and what to take with them; how to work through uncertainty; and how to make a great new beginning.  They want to get clearer about their way forward, grow through the changes, manage their stress levels, enhance their own and others’ performance, and achieve their potential.

“As a transition coach, Clare made a great difference to my own personal development. She actively listened, championed, encouraged, challenged, questioned, celebrated me along my path…and also to being promoted into a leadership role… ”  Diana Barea, Managing Director, Accenture.

We help passionate people to live their best story in times of change and in times of stability.

If you are still wondering what coaching sounds and feels like, here’s a coaching demonstration session that may help.

Contact us to talk about your transition and leadership struggles and how coaching could support you.