Mentoring and Supervision to stay sharp and safe

coaching supervisionCoaches come to us to sharpen their edge, so that they are continuously offering their best to their clients. Those applying for accreditation with the International Coach Federation need mentor coaching to enable them to meet the competency requirements.  More and more organistions are requiring coaches to be accredited.  We work with coaches to fast-track their accreditation process.  One of my clients needed to be accredited in order to get the work he really wanted.  We worked together to complete his accreditation process so that he could do the work he loves.  I have a track record of 100% pass rate for those I mentor coach.

People who work with people sometimes feel under-resourced and occasionally overwhelmed with the complexity of their clients’ issues.  What I do in supervision is to help them stay sharp and stay safe. For example, I had one recent supervision client who could see an imminent issue on the coaching horizon, and we spent time figuring out how to manage her own resources in service of her client; and how to feed back themes to the line manager who was part of the resourcing issue.

You may already be in a supervision relationship, but if you are ready for a new challenge or to see things through new lenses, give me a call  on 07775 817 344.

In addition, interim and consultant HR/L&D/OD professionals come to us for supervision, where they get an unbiased place to discuss their work and growth.

We offer both mentor coaching and supervision 1-1 and in groups.

We have worked inside organisations ourselves in Learning and Development functions, and as coaches, so understand the ethical dilemmas facing internal coaches and consultants.

“I am eternally grateful for the coach supervision Clare has provided me over the years. I know that because of my relationship with Clare, I am both a better coach and a better person.” Matt Wexler, Manager, Accenture

Contact us to talk about your (or your organisation’s) mentor coaching and supervision needs.