Debbie Frith

Coaching culture
In the sixth blog of my “When to Build a Coaching Culture Series” I talk about setting goals and establishing the measures of success. It’s hard to measure the value of time, particularly time to think. If you want to spend money in organisations, you (more often than not) need […]

How will you know that your coaching culture ...

In the fifth blog of my “When to Build a Coaching Culture Series”, I discuss where to start when build a coaching culture. If you are an individual leader, you can only start with yourself.  So, start there when building a coaching culture. Start asking rather than telling now. If […]

Where to start with building a coaching culture

In the fourth blog of my “When to Build a Coaching Culture Series”, I discuss who can build a coaching culture. Anyone can start coaching, from any seat.  Anyone can create a ripple effect through the people with whom they use a coach-approach. Have you heard the story about the […]

Who can build a coaching culture?

You’ll know it’s time to build a coaching culture when:  Your organisation is going through change (see my previous post) (oh, wait, isn’t that every organisation?!) Decisions are being made at levels that are paid too much for the complexity of those decisions Strategic imperatives that affect the long-term future […]

What does a coaching culture look and feel ...

Clare Norman
In the second blog of my “When to Build a Coaching Culture Series”, I discuss how organisations face and instigate change at an increasing rate.  That’s never going to change if they want to survive and thrive.  But despite knowing that change is here to stay, employees still feel a […]

Want performance to get better?

Why Build a Coaching Culture? Ask yourself these questions… Do you ever notice yourself feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you need to get done, with not enough time to get it done?  Do you ever notice how you go straight in to problem solving mode when a team […]

Need to Push Decision-making Downwards?