Creating A Coaching Culture
Creating a Coaching Culture requires the same kind of rigour as any other culture change.  That includes articulating your end-point and how you will recognise success when you see it, then pulling a multitude of levers to enable you to get from where you are today to that end goal.  Those […]

Creating a Coaching Culture

Many people assume that face-to-face coaching must be better than virtual coaching (by telephone coaching or skype).  But a 2011 research study* featured in Consulting Psychology Journal shows that coaching at a distance is just as effective as face-to-face. Coaching by telephone is more effective than face-to-face In my experience, […]

The surprising truth about virtual coaching

Last week’s post on virtual coaching got me thinking about the similarities to walking coaching.  I live in the New Forest, in Hampshire, which is the perfect place for walking in nature – and therefore for walking coaching. What’s different about walking coaching? Walking coaching creates forward motion, physically and […]

The power of Walking Coaching

coaching-training-mentoring 1
I often have to explain that coaching is not the same as mentoring, training or counselling. I thought it might be useful to take a step back and reflect on the differences between various forms of capability development options, and their different uses.

Coaching, training or mentoring?

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The Drama Triangle Like the parent, adult, child model that we looked at on Friday, this is from the Transactional Analysis world. I use it on myself all the time, to work out where I am operating and whether there is a more useful place to be in the Winner’s […]

Drama Triangle to Winner’s Triangle

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Peer to peer coaching for Individualised Leader Development, using action learning Everyone is unique – and so are their leadership development needs.  So ‘one size fits all’ leadership development programmes often fail to hit the mark. Coaching and action learning both provide more individualised support and challenge. Participants in an […]

Developing Individuals through Action learning

“Where in your life and work are you experiencing something that is dying?  Where do you see something beginning or wanting to be born?” These are questions posed by Otto Scharmer in his book Leading from the Emerging Future, and are similar to the questions that William Bridges asks in […]

How to tell that you are ready for ...

For those of you living nearby, here’s a great opportunity for you… Eat well, live well, be well Brought to you by Foods for Life Nutrition and Clare Norman Coaching Associates Ltd Living life to the full As we move on from middle age, we should have more time in […]

The Freedom Years

In this series, we’re looking at how to use coaching to support a phenomenal employee experience during the transitions that employees encounter in their careers.  Coaching isn’t the only intervention of course, but it can help the employee to work with the psychological impact of change – what are they […]

The employee experience: re-joining the workforce