Supervision for internal coaches

supervisionIt’s vital that coaches stay sharp and stay safe through supervision, for their own and their clients’ wellbeing.

When I reflect on my time as an internal coach, and the kinds of things I took to supervision, they focused mostly on boundary management.

Supervision questions

For example, how did I start and maintain an adult to adult relationship with an internal coaching client who was much more senior than me?

How did I change hats when I was working with a client in a different relationship context, not allowing what I knew of them in coaching to affect this other relationship?

How did I challenge the system of which I was a part, rather than colluding with it? (when we are swimming in the same sea as our client, it can be hard to see that the water needs changing!)

How did I process stuff that I heard in the confidential coaching space that affected my employee relationship with the company?

How did I keep my clients’ content confidential when it was useful to the projects that HR was working on? (see harvesting the learning)

Confidential and neutral Supervision

Where does a coach go, to process these and many more questions that affect their coaching and their work?  Given the confidential nature of the coaching, they can’t go to their own boss; they can’t go to HR.  So who do they go to?  In supervision, the supervisor is neutral and removed from the organisation, so can help the coach to see the water they are swimming in; the supervisor can help the coach to uncover their blind-spots; the supervisor can help the coach to keep their relationships clean.

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