Mastermind Groups develop high-performing leaders for business growth


Mastermind Groups develop high-performing leaders to create lasting value for your business

As executives get more and more senior, they seem to have fewer places to talk about the problems they are facing.  Talking to their peers can feel threatening due to the performance competition between them.  Talking to their people may feel like admitting they don’t know what they are doing (not necessarily a bad thing, but still they withhold).  Talking to their boss – well he or she is just plain busy.

So when they have a business issue, which they cannot immediately solve, who do they turn to for help?  And where do they get feedback on their style and their impact within a group?

Mastermind groups provide a safe space to untangle difficult business problems and make context-specific decisions

A Mastermind group is a small group of peers from non-competing companies; usually 4 to 6 in number, who meet regularly to support one another in their learning, based on real problems, following a process originally developed by Reg Revans – action learning sets.  A session usually lasts about 3.5 hours. Within a session, each set member has 25-30 minutes in which to present a problem or issue, and then receive help from the other members; help in defining the problem more precisely, in defining the desired solution, creating options, and selecting a strategy.


Mastermind groups use a coaching style to look at issues through new lenses

The approach used is often described as a ‘coaching’ style. This means that set members do not offer advice, but ask questions that help the presenter think his or her way through the issues. In this way, the problem remains the ‘property’ of the presenter, who also then ‘owns’ the solution.   Each person brings a different perspective to the group, new lenses through which to figure out what to do next.

Organisations benefit from changes in mind-set, skillset, and toolset

Not only do set members receive support and challenge from the others around the business issue they bring; they also learn coaching and feedback skills which can be transferred back into the workplace; and receive feedback that will have an impact on their behaviour back in the workplace.


It sounds simple, and it is; and it’s also profound in its effect on the members and their organisations.  They achieve far greater results by changing their mind-set, skillset and toolset.


We know that time is the biggest challenge for businesses to release their people. But think of those thorny problems that will get resolved more quickly; and the learning to be had from other people’s problems.  Not to mention the more rounded team-player coming out the other end, who will have a ripple effect on the engagement and productivity of his or her workplace team.


Mastermind programme structure

6 x 3.5 hour sessions over 6 months.

New members, once approved, commit to six months’ membership initially, thereafter membership is on a rolling quarterly basis. The investment is £350 + VAT per month.


The application process starts when you get in touch; we want to be sure that the Mastermind is right for you and your business, will challenge you in an enjoyable and valuable way, and that you are a good fit for the group.  Send me an email at and we will have an initial no obligation conversation.