What difference does coaching supervision make?

The Association of Coaching Supervisors is asking this question: what difference does coaching supervision make? If you are a supervisor, please read on.

The AoCS writes: We want to gauge what difference coaching supervision is making to the supervisor and people in the supervisor’s network.

We would like to reach a range of people too – some newly-qualified supervisors, some experienced supervisors, some who have rejected supervision in the past, some who don’t do much supervision currently…to ask some (hopefully) revealing questions about what difference supervision makes to their practice.

Take the survey now: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/TW6V7YY

Please forward this link to anyone you know who meets some of the above categories and ask them to complete it too – thanks.

We will post the unattributed summary of replies on the AOCS website for people to see the findings, and we may send a summary to Coaching at Work magazine to publish.

There is a Comments box below each set of choices so your anecdotal comments or examples are really welcome!

Short chat about your response?

Are you willing to have a short call or Skype/Zoom afterwards to elaborate on some points, share a story, give an example or two? If so, please reply with your email address, to info@associationofcoachingsupervisors.com

Can you please try to complete this survey asap and by July 10th?

Many thanks for your time, it’s appreciated.

Do email info@associationofcoachingsupervisors.com if you have some additional comments to make, or have questions.

Many thanks,

The AOCS team