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When a leader’s experience is on an upward trajectory, working through the leadership pipeline, it can be tempting to become blase about that progress.  So often though, leaders derail.  The Center for Creative Leadership has studied what derails leaders and found five derailers get in the way of their continued success. […]

The leader experience and derailers

Leadership pipeline
All leaders need coaching and feedback, no matter what their level in the leadership pipeline.  They may need other things along their journey too, to ensure that they have the best leader experience from the first time they take on a leadership role to the end of their leadership careers. […]

The leader experience and the leadership pipeline

I look at everything through an “experience” lens.   Customer experience, employee experience, coachee experience.  I’ve recently turned my thoughts to the leader experience.  What makes work a great experience for leaders? They are employees of course, so the employee experience relates just as much to them as it does […]

Leader experience

coaching supervision
Are you looking for a (new) coaching supervisor?  Do you mostly work virtually, and therefore need supervision that models good parallel processes for the work you undertake?  Perhaps you are time crunched and would prefer not to travel to a face-to-face session.  Do you want to share your developmental journey […]

Virtual Group Coaching Supervision

Are you looking for a (new) coaching supervisor? Do you want to share your developmental journey with like-minded coaches? Do you want to slow down and take time to reflect in a beautiful location?  Come for coaching supervision! From September, I will be leading a new 6-month group supervision programme in Beaulieu, […]

Coaching supervision group

We’ve heard about Winston Churchill’s amazing leadership during the war, and his lacklustre performance during peacetime.  The same happens with leaders in the more metaphorical sense of wartime and peacetime, and yet leader developers sometimes forget that the skills needed are different.  Peacetime being when things are going well, wartime […]

Peacetime and wartime leadership skills

The Association of Coaching Supervisors is asking this question: what difference does coaching supervision make? If you are a supervisor, please read on. The AoCS writes: We want to gauge what difference coaching supervision is making to the supervisor and people in the supervisor’s network. We would like to reach a […]

What difference does coaching supervision make?

This week’s news in the UK has been fascinating to me, particularly as it relates to Teresa May’s leadership style and her lack of a coach-approach.  I understand why she couldn’t step down from her prime ministerial role, after talking about strong and stable leadership.  Stepping down would make a mockery […]

Teresa May: from command and control to coach-approach

Coachability – an interesting word!  You may be surprised to hear that not everyone is coachable.  As Ginnie Baillie says: “Ultimately clients are not buying you or coaching, they are buying their belief in themselves and their goals.”  So it’s important to help a potential new client to get clear […]

Coachability: a belief in your ability to make ...