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In this series about coaching competencies, we move to establishing the coaching agreement, or in one word, contracting. If you add contracting to your conversations, those conversations are much more likely to be transformational, as they will be focused rather than meandering. There are three aspects to contracting: The Big […]

Leader as Coach: Establishing the Coaching Agreement/ Contracting

Last week, I set out the International Coach Federation coaching competencies.  Now it’s time to delve into each one in turn, starting with Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards. You might think this doesn’t apply to leaders as coaches, only professional coaches.  But it’s just as important for leaders as […]

Leader as Coach: Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional ...

coaching competencies
The case for coaching is clear.  Now let’s look at how leaders apply coaching competencies in their work with their team members.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting the International Coach Federation coaching competencies, and how they translate into the workplace. As a taster, here they are: Setting […]

Coaching competencies for leaders

I often hear leaders saying that they don’t need to use a coach-approach to leading their people; they just need to tell them what to do and their people will get on with it.  They are forgetting the power of independent critical thinkers. Yes you can do that (tell rather […]

Creating independent critical thinkers

team experience
The team experience is crucial these days.  More and more of today’s work is undertaken in teams.  In fact, the Harvard Business Review suggests that collaborative activities have increased by 50% or more in the past twenty years.  I bet you recognise that, given the amount of meetings in your […]

The team experience

leader learning
When a leader’s experience is on an upward trajectory, working through the leadership pipeline, it can be tempting to become blase about that progress.  So often though, leaders derail.  The Center for Creative Leadership has studied what derails leaders and found five derailers get in the way of their continued success. […]

The leader experience and derailers

Leadership pipeline
All leaders need coaching and feedback, no matter what their level in the leadership pipeline.  They may need other things along their journey too, to ensure that they have the best leader experience from the first time they take on a leadership role to the end of their leadership careers. […]

The leader experience and the leadership pipeline

I look at everything through an “experience” lens.   Customer experience, employee experience, coachee experience.  I’ve recently turned my thoughts to the leader experience.  What makes work a great experience for leaders? They are employees of course, so the employee experience relates just as much to them as it does […]

Leader experience

coaching supervision
Are you looking for a (new) coaching supervisor?  Do you mostly work virtually, and therefore need supervision that models good parallel processes for the work you undertake?  Perhaps you are time crunched and would prefer not to travel to a face-to-face session.  Do you want to share your developmental journey […]

Virtual Group Coaching Supervision