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It’s vital that coaches stay sharp and stay safe through supervision, for their own and their clients’ wellbeing. When I reflect on my time as an internal coach, and the kinds of things I took to supervision, they focused mostly on boundary management. Supervision questions For example, how did I start and maintain an […]

Supervision for internal coaches

return on humanity 2
I’m pondering the Return on Humanity that coaching has. When I left Accenture, one of my colleagues described me as the voice of humanity.  I think that was because I banged on about people creating profits, so if an organisation starts by creating a great employee experience for those people, […]

Coaching – Return on Humanity?

Penny Gundry writes: Last week I was working down in the South West of the UK, the land of many tractors. The country roads are narrow and the tractors are very slow. And so it was, on a stretch of road with no turnings off for miles, I found myself […]

The Land of Many Tractors: Slow Down

blind spot
During an action learning facilitator training day that I ran recently, one of the participants said that she learned about blind spots she had – by practicing in front of others and getting feedback – that had never come out during her supervision of her action learning facilitation.  She was […]

Making blind spots visible through mentor coaching

Today’s post, “Just Say No,” comes from my dear friend and brilliant coach/coach supervisor, Diane Clutterbuck.  Diane writes: Meet Tom, a senior manager in the Health Service who I have been coaching through a period of transition. In a new role where he still carries much of his former responsibilities, […]

Manage your Priorities and their Expectations: Just Say ...

coaching supervision
Why coaching supervision?  I recently recorded a 5 minute video for coaches who are not yet convinced that supervision will bring them value.  If this is you, take a look.  I’d welcome your thoughts. You can also read more in this article for Coaching at Work: Stay Sharp, Stay Safe […]

Why coaching supervision? Use your full palette of ...

Refreshing evaluation of coaching Organisations want to know that their investment in coaching has paid off.  It was very refreshing, then, when I asked the sponsor of a recent coaching programme what he thought the return on investment was to the business.  His reply…she (the coachee) had invested in her […]

Evaluation of Coaching