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conflicts of interest
We’ve discovered that leaders as coaches face ethical dilemmas around boundaries, dual relationships, and confidentiality; let’s turn our attention now to conflicts of interest. What do you do when the talented person you are coaching in your organisation tells you that she is looking to take her career outside the […]

Ethical Dilemmas for Leaders as Coach: Conflicts of ...

As a Leader as Coach, you are becoming aware of ethical dilemmas facing you. We’ll turn our attention today to confidentiality. You know that you are bound to keep anything that happens in coaching confidential, between you and the other person.  It is up to them who and what they […]

Ethical Dilemmas for Leaders as Coach: Confidentiality

dual relationships
Dual relationships are one element to think carefully about for the leader coach The leader coach encounters as many, if different, ethical dilemmas as an external coach, dual relationships are one of them. For example, you may be coaching two people on the same team, and they may tell you […]

Ethical Dilemmas for Leaders as Coach: Dual Relationships

ethical dilemma
We’ve talked about the skills we need as a leader as coach, and the underpinning beliefs, but what about our ethical dilemmas.  What about our ethical position? Every coach is guided by an ethical code, I am guided by the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics, for example. Ethical dilemmas don’t […]

Ethical Dilemmas for the Leader as Coach

boundaries 2
When should you coach, when should you not coach, what are your boundaries? It’s important to know what your boundaries are, where you feel ok to coach, and where you feel out of your depth.  When you are out of your depth, that may be the time to refer to […]

Ethical Dilemmas for Leaders as Coach: Boundaries

I’m going discuss pacy coaching; some people think that asking questions that enable a person to think through a solution for themselves is slower than telling people what to do.  They are right, but only in the short-term. In the long-term, however, telling people what to do does not develop […]

Pacy coaching: Go slow to go fast

Leader as Coach
As we bring this series for the Leader as Coach to a close, let’s reflect on some underpinning beliefs that support the application of the ICF competencies. These beliefs guide our actions and keep us acting in the best interest of our people. As the leader, we can sometimes be […]

Underpinning beliefs: Leader as Coach series

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In coaching, it’s the other person’s responsibility to manage progress and accountability, not the coach’s responsibility.  But in our coaching role, we can still help them to hold themselves accountable by asking a simple question towards the end of the session: How will you keep yourself accountable? There are many […]

Managing Progress and Accountability: Leader as Coach Series

planning and goal-setting
Your coachee has come up with various options of what they could do to resolve their issue.  Now it’s time to pin those down with planning and goal-setting.  Which of the options are they going to choose to take forward, when will they do it/them, who might they need to […]

Leader as Coach: Planning and Goal-setting