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What is team coaching? “Systemic Team Coaching is a process by which a team coach works with a whole team, both when they are together and when they are apart, in order to help them both improve their collective performance and how they work together, and also how they develop […]

Team Coaching - a definition

  Creating a Coaching Culture requires the same kind of rigour as any other culture change.  That includes articulating your end-point and how you will recognise success when you see it, then pulling a multitude of levers to enable you to get from where you are today to that end goal.  […]

Creating a Coaching Culture

We’ve concluded our series about how coaching can (and should?) support the employee experience.  For those of you who wish to catch up on posts that you have missed, or if you like to have everything all in one place like I do, here is the full catalogue. The key messages […]

Coaching to Support the Employee Experience

Coaching for SMEs: focus is key As I prepare for the New Forest Business Expo, I’ve been thinking about how best to articulate the benefits of coaching to owners and members of SMEs.  In many respects, the coaching process is no different from the process for any other kind of business person; but what […]

Coaching for Small Businesses

Many people assume that face-to-face coaching must be better than virtual coaching (by telephone coaching or skype).  But a 2011 research study* featured in Consulting Psychology Journal shows that coaching at a distance is just as effective as face-to-face. Coaching by telephone is more effective than face-to-face In my experience, […]

The surprising truth about virtual coaching

Last week’s post on virtual coaching got me thinking about the similarities to walking coaching.  I live in the New Forest, in Hampshire, which is the perfect place for walking in nature – and therefore for walking coaching. What’s different about walking coaching? Walking coaching creates forward motion, physically and […]

The power of Walking Coaching

coaching-training-mentoring 1
I often have to explain that coaching is not the same as mentoring, training or counselling. I thought it might be useful to take a step back and reflect on the differences between various forms of capability development options, and their different uses.   For more insights from Clare: If you […]

Coaching, training or mentoring?

drama-triangle-rescuer 4
The drama triangle. Like the parent, adult, child model that we looked at on Friday, this is from the Transactional Analysis world. I use it on myself all the time, to work out where I am operating and whether there is a more useful place to be in the Winner’s […]

Drama Triangle to Winner’s Triangle

Peer to peer coaching for Individualised Leader Development, using action learning Everyone is unique – and so are their leadership development needs.  So ‘one size fits all’ leadership development programmes often fail to hit the mark. Coaching and action learning both provide more individualised support and challenge. Participants in an […]

Developing Individuals through Action learning

team coaching
Recently, I blogged about the definition of team coaching.  Let’s now look at some examples of the outcomes of team coaching.   Case study 1: team coaching for senior learning and development team with a new leader The team’s issue – working with the new leader; increasing their impact on the […]

Team Coaching case studies

coaching in the eye of the storm
Sending you a link today of a post I wrote in the very talented and grounded William Buist’s blog, all about coaching when you most need it – when you don’t have the time: Coaching in the Eye of the Storm ( I’m off on holiday now for some well […]

Coaching in the eye of the storm

Coaching in Action
  Did you get a chance to watch the coaching session with Kelly or James to experience coaching in action?  Well here’s another example of coaching in action, this time with Lindsey.  This session was all about Lindsey’s new business, and one aspect of building that business.  Even though I’ve […]

1-1 Coaching in Action

1-1 Coaching in Action
I hope you enjoyed listening to the  1-1 coaching in action session with Kelly, and that it gave you a flavour for what coaching is and is not.  Today you get to see a very different flavour of session, with James.  I admire James for his deep thinking and desire to […]

1-1 Coaching in Action

Are you a coach, wondering whether to look for coach mentoring or coach supervision?  What’s the difference between the two?  Your time and money are precious, so how do you decide which to invest in? Here’s how I would differentiate between the two: Coach mentoring: Gets you ready for accreditation (the […]

Coach mentoring, coach supervision – the difference

Clare and Kelly picture
Ever wondered what coaching really sounds like?  Perhaps you have been thinking about coaching for yourself, but you don’t quite know whether it will meet your needs?  Well you can see coaching in action right here.  Click on the picture below to listen to a 30 minute session between me and […]

1-1 Coaching in Action

writer's block
You might have noticed I’ve been a bit slack lately.  Writer’s block!  Nine years (or maybe more, I’ve lost count) of blogging every week and I suddenly get writer’s block. I sat on it for a bit, thinking that inspiration would strike.  But I didn’t really give it any proper reflection time.  […]

Coaching: time and space to percolate

Today, I welcome Penny Gundry, a good friend and colleague.  Penny writes: I have worked for many years in companies who are experiencing conflict. When I met a man who also works in this area, I was particularly struck by how he described his work. He used the analogy of […]

The Alchemy of Conflict

Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business: Book-club joy I love my book-club!  It’s a work book-club, where we read work books.  It really helps me to see a book from different perspectives, relative to my fellow book clubbers’ lives and work.  We each read the book in relation to our own lives, so we […]

Unfinished Business