Executive Coaching in the Context of Business Growth

contact-clare-normanCompanies come to us to support their people to grow through big changes, rather than being knocked for six. They also call on us to coach great leaders, to create a ripple effect in the organisation’s engagement and productivity.


Real learning and lasting change happen through experience, practice, reflection and reinforcement. Coaching is the catalyst that makes that happen. We have a track record of providing excellent coaching and action learning for a variety of corporate clients.

Whether it is 1-1 coaching or team coaching, the individuals and the business will reap the rewards.

 “Had I not received coaching, I might have left the organisation as I was very likely to burn out.”  [Given the research that organisations save at least 15 times a senior employee’s salary by keeping them, rather than having to replace them…] “I calculate that my staying saved the company somewhere in the hundreds of thousands of pounds in recruitment and on-boarding costs.”  Fran Murray, Senior Manager.

We help passionate people to live their best story in times of change and in times of stability.


Contact us to talk about your organisation’s transition and leadership struggles and how coaching could support you.