Leader as Coach
As we bring this series for the Leader as Coach to a close, let’s reflect on some underpinning beliefs that support the application of the ICF competencies. These  beliefs guide our actions and keep us acting in the best interest of our people. As the leader, we can sometimes be […]

Underpinning beliefs: Leader as Coach series

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In coaching, it’s the other person’s responsibility to manage progress and accountability, not the coach’s responsibility.  But in our coaching role, we can still help them to hold themselves accountable by asking a simple question towards the end of the session: How will you keep yourself accountable? There are many […]

Managing Progress and Accountability: Leader as Coach Series

planning and goal-setting
Your coachee has come up with various options of what they could do to resolve their issue.  Now it’s time to pin those down with planning and goal-setting.  Which of the options are they going to choose to take forward, when will they do it/them, who might they need to […]

Leader as Coach: Planning and Goal-setting

designing actions
Coaching is about change.  To change, we need to take action of some kind.  Before we can take action, we need to consider the possibilities, designing actions, and then make a choice about which action(s) to take. Sometimes, people have come to coaching feeling like they have just two ways […]

Leader as Coach: Designing Actions

creating awareness
Creating awareness comes bit by bit, and then all at once.  Slowly, slowly, we (the leader as coach) help the other person to get clear on what they want to figure out;  we ask questions that get them to a place of new knowing; we listen in a way that […]

Leader as Coach: Creating Awareness

Leaders need to get comfortable with direct communication in coaching conversations.  No flannel, just directness.  I am frequently asked the question, “how can you be non-directive at the same time as providing direct communication?  Aren’t those diametrically opposite?” Direct communication is an offer, to which we should be unattached.  If […]

Leader as Coach: Direct Communication

The most powerful questioning does not require a question at all; but silence.  That silence that allows the person to take their thinking where they need to take it, rather than where you think it should go next. That’s it.  That’s all there is for today’s post!  That’s not true, […]

Leader as Coach: Powerful Questioning

Active listening is as much about silence as anything else.  Silence is golden.  That includes in your role as leader coach. Silence allows the thinker to think.  So get comfortable with silence. And when the thinker does speak, pay attention.  Notice what they are saying, but also how they are […]

Leader as Coach: Active Listening

coaching presence
One of the things people often say as a result of coaching is that it’s the first time they feel they have been really heard, properly heard, fully humanly heard. That’s because of the total coaching presence of the person alongside them.  Being 100% with the person, no distractions.  How […]

Leader as Coach: Coaching presence