Coaching provides clarity, direction and business growth


Clare Norman Coaching Associates can help you and your team to develop clarity, direction, fulfilment and business growth.

We provide executive coaching and transition coaching to individuals and teams. Whether you have your own business or work in a larger corporate environment, we can coach you to achieve your goals, navigate change and develop a clear direction.

Our approach is simple, client-centred and encouraging. Our professionally accredited team offer bespoke, tailored coaching in all business environments and also by telephone. We also offer walking coaching in the beautiful New Forest.


Human Centred Development for Business Leaders:


Executive coaching

space-and-timeExecutive coaching provides the space and time for you to think about your goals and the direction of your business, to reflect on areas in which you may feel ‘stuck’. It enables you to explore your beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and feelings about particular challenges and come up with resourceful and clear solutions. It is like stepping into a helicopter and flying above the business to view it objectively so as to plan with confidence and clarity.

Our powerful and searching questions help you dig deep to find your own vision, wisdom, answers and plans. As a result you will find the coaching sessions exciting, challenging and enlightening.

“Had I not received coaching, I might have left the organisation as I was very likely to burn out.”  [Given the research that organisations save at least 15 times a senior employee’s salary by keeping them, rather than having to replace them] “I calculate that my staying saved the company somewhere in the hundreds of thousands of pounds  in recruitment and on-boarding costs.”  Fran Murray, Senior Manager.

“The coaching conversations have enabled me to be more objective, systematic and thorough in my decision-making. As a result of coaching, the future is different because I now spend more time thinking about issues more strategically.”


Transition coaching

transition-coachingPeople come to us to make high impact transitions from one company to another, from one role to another, and in stepping up to more senior leadership levels – or any other change they are making.

They figure out what to leave behind and what to take with them; how to work through uncertainty; and how to make a great new beginning.  They want to get clearer about their way forward, grow through the changes, manage their stress levels, enhance their own and others’ performance, and achieve their potential.



“As a transition coach, Clare made a great difference to my own personal development. She actively listened, championed, encouraged, challenged, questioned, celebrated me along my path…and also to being promoted into a leadership role… ” –  Diana Barea, Managing Director, Accenture.


Corporate coaching

corporate-coachingCompanies come to us to support their people to grow through big changes, rather than being knocked for six. They also call on us to coach great leaders, to create a ripple effect in the organisation’s engagement and productivity.

Real learning and lasting change happen through experience, practice, reflection and reinforcement. Coaching is the catalyst that makes that happen. We have a track record of providing excellent coaching and action learning for a variety of corporate clients.


“You leave an incredible legacy at this organisation that will live on.” – Shelby Kan

If you are still wondering what coaching actually looks like in practice, watch this real, virtual 30 minute coaching session.


We help passionate people to live their best story in times of change and in times of stability.

Contact us to talk about your (or your organisation’s) transition and leadership struggles and how coaching could support you.